Curling Drinking Fountain

This fountain was a creation of Andrew Handyside & Co.’s Britannia Ironworks. It was commissioned by Mrs. Elizabeth Curling of Kent Lodge and erected in 1865. Originally located in the middle of the road near the junction of Leaf Hall Road in Seaside it was moved to the corner of Langney Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.

Design no 24 was a rectangular structure that originally offered an animal drinking trough. A projecting block with cornice rises from a triple octagonal plinth of Portland Stone with alternate sides offering a water spout with two small shelves for drinking cups and a basin.

An inscription panel on South East side displays a bronze engraved shield with the dedication date in Roman Numerals, Erected A.D. MDCCCLXV; and a biblical verse ‘Jesus said whoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again. St. John IV.13’ The bronze plaque on the North West side displays the dedication date in Roman Numerals and the biblical verse: ‘Jesus said whoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst. St. John IV.14’ Underneath this panel is a small bronze plaque containing the following information: This drinking fountain was donated in September 1865 by Mrs. Elizabeth Curling (1790 – 1873), who lived in Kent Lodge, Seaside Road (now Trinity Trees). The fountain was originally located in the middle of the road in Seaside, near the junction of Leaf Hall Road. It was first moved to the corner with Langney Road, probably in the 1950’s before being restored and relocated here on 21st December 2000.

Two intertwined dolphins rest on the block surmounted by a gas lamp. On 30th March 1992 it was listed a Grade II Historic Building. It was restored in 2000 and relocated to Marine Parade.

The base of the fountain was used as a platform for public speakers and services held by the Salvation Army.





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