Currie Memorial Fountain

Location: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa

This drinking fountain is located in South Africa in the Durban Botanical Gardens. It was erected in 1889 at West Street and Point Road in Durban as a memorial to Councillor H.W. Currie.

The plaque in front of the trough indicates: H.W. Currie Memorial Fountain. Erected in 1889 in grateful remembrance of Mr. H. W. Currie, for many years a Town Councillor and Mayor in 1879-1880, through whose resource and perseverance this town was saved from a serious water famine by the establishment in 1878 of the wells and pumps known as Currie’s Fountain at the foot of the Botanic Gardens. In 1878 the Councillor sank an artesian well in search of water to relieve the drought in the area. The well, named Currie’s Fountain, delivered 50,000 gallons of water to the town every day.

The cast iron drinking fountain is a modification of number 28 and was manufactured by the Sun Foundry in Glasgow. It consists of a trough with a lamp centerpiece flanked by two boys holding upturned urns from which water once poured. The lamp column is decorated with intertwined dolphins that symbolize guardians of all things water related.

As with all cast iron fountains from the Victorian era the structure is prone to rust and deteriorates over time. The Currie Drinking Fountain was restored in 2005.



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