King’s Park Fountain

This cast iron drinking fountain located in the East corner of King’s Park, Stirling, was manufactured by the Lion Foundry in Kirkintilloch, Scotland using a design from George Smith & Co. Catalogue.

Casting number 41 is a rectangular structure with a square base resting on a two tier plinth. It is highly decorated with floral relief, frieze number 529. Projecting basins are located on four sides, and the fountain terminates with an urn finial, casting number 339.

It was erected in 1939 to provide fresh drinking water to the public. Restoration in 2006 was funded by Sterling City Heritage Trust and friends of King’s Park in 2006.

It was listed as a category B historic building in 2006, and is the only known example of this unique design, produced by the Lion Foundry in Kirkintilloch.


  • Finial, a sculptured ornament fixed to the top of a peak, arch, gable or similar structure
  • Frieze, the horizontal part of a classical entablature just below the cornice, often decorated with carvings
  • Plinth, flat base usually projecting, upon which a pedestal, wall or column rests

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