Village Fountain in St. Arvans

Location: St. Arvans, Monmouthshire Wales

In the early 1890’s it was decided to install drinking fountains throughout the county of Monmouthshire in Wales. As local denizens of St. Arvans held the beauty of the area in high regard, they raised funds to purchase a more elaborate fountain.

A marker on the site acknowledges Marsden Lloyd, a member of the team who initiated the renovation of the fountain for the new millennium. Fundraising and additional grants enable the restoration, and it is now a true working example of a Victorian fountain.

It was manufactured by George Smith & Co. (a stamp on the central column states The Sun Foundry of Glasgow), and assembled in the Iron Stores in Chepstow . It was erected in 1893 on the corner of Fordwich Close and Devauden Road, and designated a grade II listed building on 18 July 1997.

The cast iron drinking fountain is a modification of number 28 with basin number 39. The fountain, seated on a circular base with a trough for animals, supports a large basin. A square central column is flanked by two young boys holding upturned urns from which water pours. The statues stand on a short pedestal that contains a button to release a flow of water from the urns. The central column is multi tiered and decorated. Four entwined dolphins (symbolizing guardians of all things water related) encircle the column as it narrows and ascends to the multi tiered orb finial. An outstretched tendril with a large hoop extends horizontally on all four sides. 



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