Jubilee Clock Tower Fountain

Location: The Esplanade, Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

The foundation stone of the clock tower was laid in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. The clock tower, built of local ashlar stone with a metal clock face and painted lead on a cast iron roof, was dedicated in 1897 to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

A dedication is engraved into the stone: This Clock Tower Was Paid By / Subscription From /The Lord Of The Manor And / The Inhabitants Of Shanklin / To Commemorate The / Diamond Jubilee Of / Queen Victoria 1897. The Clock tower was listed a grade II historic building in Feb 1992.

Drinking fountain number 15 was manufactured by Walter Macfarlane’s Saracen Foundry and set into the south face of the tower. The wall mounted fountain with a fluted demi basin is 2’ 9” high. An arch faceplate bears the inscription “Keep the Pavement dry”. Two doves represent the symbolism of the spirit drinking from the water of life. The tap protrudes from a shell lunette which is repeated in the fluted basin. A single drinking cup was originally suspended on a chain.


  • Ashlar: finely cut stone
  • Lunette, the half-moon shaped space framed by an arch, often containing a window or painting

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