Fountain in Coyoacan

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

On Allende in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City within a small garden courtyard at Foro Cultural Coyoacanense Hugo Arguelles is a drinking fountain manufactured in the 19th century during the presidency of José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori (1876 to 1911). It was relocated there in the 1970’s from its original location which is unknown.

The cast iron structure manufactured by J. L. Mott Iron Works, New York, is seated on an octagonal base. Four small basins at ground level allowed dogs to drink, and two large fluted troughs to quench the thirst of horses and cattle.

Eight panels, surmounted with scalloped arches, host dolphin masks from which water spouts into four demi-lune basins decorated with laurel leaves. Anchored adjacent to the basin were drinking cups suspended on chains. A square central column displays cartouches containing an orb surrounded by flourish. Each corner is bound with a highly decorated pilaster.

The capital supports an urn flanked by two elaborate consoles supporting glass lanterns. The highly decorated urn is capped with an eagle landing on a nest representative of the Mexican coat of arms on the Mexican flag.


  • Capital, the top of a column that supports the load bearing down on it
  • Cartouche, a structure or figure, often in the shape of an oval shield or oblong scroll, used as an architectural or graphic ornament or to bear a design or inscription.
  • Chamfered, a beveled edge connecting two surfaces
  • Console, a decorative bracket support element
  • Demi-lune, half moon or crescent shape
  • Finial, a sculptured ornament fixed to the top of a peak, arch, gable or similar structure
  • Fluted, a long rounded groove
  • Mask/Mascaron, a decorative element in the form of a sculpted face or head of a human being or an animal
  • Pilaster, a column form that is only ornamental and not supporting a structure

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