Toret Fountains

Location: Turin, Italy

The cast iron fountains which can be found all over the city of Turin are known as Torets (toret is a small bull), and the bull (Toro) is the symbol of the city. The first Toret installed in 1862 was a few centimeters taller than an identical fountain originating from Sicily. The fountains were located near markets, public gardens, and squares of the city; basically every public space contained a Toret.

Each fountain is stamped with the location, and has a metal plate containing the reference number of the fountain and a phone number to report problems. The fountains and water supply are maintained by SMAT Integrated Water Services. The water that originally supplied the cast iron drinking fountains originated from the Pian della Mussa aqueduct; however, it is now delivered from the municipal aqueduct.


The 3 feet high pedestal in the form of an arch is painted bottle green. A recessed panel with engraved fret contains the sculpture of a bull’s head from which water flows. A drain with a central bowl at street level allows animals to drink.

The fountains now have a secondary role thanks to iBeacon technology. Using Bluetooth and the I Love Toret app, a smartphone will be able to access tourist information in the surrounding area, in addition to data on the quality of the drinking water.




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