300th Post

The post for the Saavedra drinking fountain dated July 24, 2017 denotes the 300th drinking fountain that I have successfully researched. I am so proud to have reached this milestone.

When I first decided to write this blog, I had no idea that so many cast iron fountains survived throughout the world. It seems strange that a metal prone to rusting would be chosen to manufacture drinking fountains when these structures were intended to be placed outdoors in an oxygen rich environment with the purpose of providing drinking water (oxygen and water creates a chemical reaction in cast iron known as rust).

These cast iron structures and monuments are now being recognized as historic artifacts, and are being restored with public and government funding.

The invaluable assistance generously given by John P. Bolton of the Scottish Ironwork Foundation has been instrumental in ensuring the accuracy of my research. My appreciation of his guidance is immeasurable. I would also like to thank all the photographers who have granted permission to use their photos.



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