Promenade Plantée Fountain

Location: Paris, France

A drinking fountain design by Sir Richard Wallace known as the Small Model is often found in parks and public gardens throughout the city. Wallace was a wealthy English art collector and philanthropist who lived in France. When the Franco Prussian war damaged many of the aqueducts in Paris there remained little access to clean water for many of the most needy Parisians. His solution to this problem was the erection of public drinking fountains.

The Coulée verte René-Dumont or Promenade Plantée is a linear park built on top of an abandoned mid-19th century viaduct in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. The world’s first elevated park walkway which was inaugurated in 1993 is home to one of Richard Wallace’s Small Model drinking fountains manufactured by the Val D’Osne Foundry.

The fountain is a single pedestal with a square base decorated with bulrushes. Alternating panels display bulrushes and the coat of arms of the city of Paris. The capital supports a decorative finial. The design at just over 4 feet high is operated with a simple push-button mechanism to dispense water.



  • Finial, a sculptured ornament fixed to the top of a peak, arch, gable or similar structure
  • Capital, the top of a column that supports the load bearing down on it
  • Pedestal, an architectural support for a column or statue



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