Small Model, Wallace Fountains

Location: Paris, France

Richard Wallace drinking fountains are famed throughout Paris and other parts of Europe, mostly due to the elegant Caratyd fountains already blogged here

However, the Caratyd model is not the only form of drinking fountain provided during the 19th century by the philanthropic Englishman. The design known as the Small Model often found in parks and public gardens is just over 4 feet high. A simple push-button mechanism dispenses the water.

The fountain is a single pedestal with a square base decorated with bulrushes. Alternating panels display bulrushes and the coat of arms of the city of Paris. The capital supports a decorative finial.

There are many examples of the Small Model drinking fountain throughout the city including those identified below.

In the 5th arrondissement known as the Latin Quarter is St. Julien le Pauvre public park. It is located on the Left Bank of the Seine River, with a wonderful best view of Notre Dame Cathedral. The drinking fountain is situated just inside the entrance gate on the rue du Fouarre.

Also in the 5th arrondissement in the Square des Arènes de Lutèce which was originally an amphitheater seating 15,000 people. It was restored and opened as a public square in 1896.

Square Paul Painlevé is a small garden in the heart of the Latin Quarter, between the Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages and the Sorbonne.

Next to the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement this drinking fountain is located in Champ de Mars park.

Notre Dame Cathedral is in the 4th arrondissement. A park beside the cathedral offers views of the Seine, and within this area of benches and gardens is another drinking fountain example.

The last specimen of the Small Model is located in the 15th arrondissement on Pasteur boulevard (named to honor Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), French chemist and biologist.)


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